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About us

The company Ormix Electronics is made as the subsidiary company of ORMIX, a company that exists since 1993.

Currently our company is one of the leading sellers of electronics and electronic elements to the manufacturing companies as well as technical servicing and repair companies, as well as “radio lovers” and people who are willing to become specialists in this field. We collaborate with sellers, distributors and warehouses in the South East Asia, Canada, USA and Europe.

Due to great experience and long term collaboration with our partners we can offer you both verified and qualitative radio components that satisfy desires of each customer both in quality and price. For convenience of customers we have warehouse and retail shop in Riga, where the most popular goods are represented. Each week we receive also details by order from our partner TME Electronic Components. You can see the catalogue on the web page: www.tme.eu.

For convenience of customers we have developed internet shop, where you can make the order and see not only the name of the goods, but also the current residues of the goods. You can receive the goods in our shop or order them by delivery.

You can be sure that each of your small or average order will be processed within 24 hours.

Many of key account clients are satisfied with our servicing quality and our loyalty and collaborate with us already for several years. We also honour our small clients and try to comply with all their requirements.