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In order to become a user of our company LLC “ORMIX Electronics” system, we request you to fill in the registration form.

If you represent the company, please, choose the form for legal persons

If you are an individual client, please, choose the form for physical persons

Registration form shall be filled in by Latin letters and the data of legal person shall comply with the data that are mentioned in the Company Register. The registration form fields that are marked by asterisk shall be filled in obligatory. The registration data may be changed by necessity.

When your form is received, we automatically perform the registration and send to your electronic mail address the registration approval with the granted client username and password.

If we receive the registration data that does not comply with reality, we keep the rights to refuse the registration.

If you have any problems with registration, please contact us by phone +371 67501655 or write to e-mail address slava@ormix.lv, describing the problem in details. We will help you in maximally short time.

Entering the system

In order to enter the web page system, you need only to enter your e-mail address or username and password in the respective field and press the button ENTER.

Registration allows

  • To see full trade order of ORMIX with real warehouse residues,
  • To make order online,
  • To see prices depending on amount with provided discounts,
  • To see report of former orders,
  • To have possibility to make templates for the orders that are repeated most frequently

ORMIX system allow to make order also without former registration, however you lose some additional possibilities that are available to registered users. For instance, you can see ORMIX warehouse residuals in online regime, to see your ordering history and to make templates.

Online orders

Online orders in ORMIX system are implemented in real time regime so that you can always see real information about warehouse residuals and prices. When seeing our trade offer, you can check if the respective goods are in our warehouse and if you can receive it within 24 hours.

If you wish to book the article, press the button “to place the order” and the approval will be sent to your e-mail address after order ending. When we have set up your order, our managers will contact you and you will be able to receive the goods and pay them in the way you have indicated.

Attention! If the good is attached to the box without ordering, the order is considered not completer and we do not book the respective goods. During weekends and holidays the system is not updated and we cannot guarantee the veracity of current residuals.

System ORMIX allows to order the greater amount of goods than it is indicated in our Riga warehouse. In such case our managers will contact you or you will receive the information about delivery term of insufficient amount in your e-mail. Taking into account that the market situation can change, the price for the indicated amount can differ from the one that is indicated in our web page. The price that is indicated for the good that is located in our Riga warehouse cannot change after your order is completed!

Order payment conditions

The ordered goods may be paid in one of the following ways:

  • In cash or by bank card, if the goods are paid in our retail shop

During order reception you can make the payment in cash or by bank card and receive the receipt.

  • By bank transfer to LLC ORMIX Electronics current account

After order placing, an advance payment will be sent to your e-mail. After money transfer to LLC ORMIX Electronics bank account. You can receive the order at us in the shop or the courier can deliver it to you.

Deferred payment

The companies that have concluded “Client contract” with LLC ORMIX Electronics have opportunity to order goods and services by deferred payment. The credit volume is determined in “Client contract”. In such case the payment is made according to the invoice of consignment note after the goods or services are received.

* All the prices in internet shop www.ormix.lv are indicated including VAT.